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"Photography is basically the art of creating photographs that illustrate ideas."

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About me

My journey started at the age of 15, when I got my first full frame camera. Until this day, I remember it was a beautiful Zenit 55 mm from Russia made out of metal and extremely heavy. At that time, digital cameras were rare, expensive, and frankly, a dream come true.

From a young age, we would make our own photo film using leftover scraps movie production film from the local theater. Given my background, the transition from film to digital was challenging, as film photography will always be very dear to me.

After taking several courses with two of the best photography professors in Cuba, I decided to focus my efforts on portraits, landscaping and testimonial images.

From the age of 15 on, taking photos has been my only hobby. Since then, I loved and excelled at taking pictures at gatherings and events such as weddings and birthdays.

I have carried my passion for photography throughout my life and am now dedicating my time to developing and growing my business. Personally, I cannot call it work when I love what I do!


      Photographic services

Wedding Photography

Studio & Boudoir


Product Photography

Weddings: Wedding is one of the most important days on a couple’s life. It is a day that they are always going to remember as long they are together. Therefore, it is important that photos reflect all the happiness and environment of the moment, the family, and their friends.


For that reason, photographers needs to spend time with the couple and be there for them. Our club pretends to work for the couple not all the way around, we are going to be working on their time, it does not matter how long is the festivity we are going to be there as long as you need.


Choose the right photographer is key, for that reason we are offering a free photo session for engaging change if when we deliver 5 photos, free of couple likes it, we continue.

Quinceaneras, and sweet 16. (Instagram lovers). This big tradition for young girls is becoming more challenging nowadays with all social media judging from every photo they take.


Confidence and satisfaction are two of the key components of this kind of photos. Our goal is to establish confidence between the girl and the camera, so we obtain the best possible results.

Portrait: Is the art to speak without words, the most challenging picture ever, describe one person in one image.


Business Packages: We have a proposal for Business. Now a day’s image, social networks like Instagram and Facebook, online store and new ideas are so important. We would like offer to work on the image of your business, making photos that are going to elevate your services.

We offer to work with you to create a photo portfolio that showcases your business strength, where you will be able to use all photos edited, no watermarks, customize to the need it sizes. Please contact us for more details.

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